Cani-Bits Peanut Butter Quinoa CBD Treats for Dogs

These grain-free, crunchy CBD treats are made specifically for dogs & are manufactured in the USA using a CO2 extraction process to produce the hemp oil, instead of a cheaper process using  solvents or other harmful chemicals. These peanut buttery treats are 3rd party tested to verify the CBD concentration in each batch. 

Each 4 oz cup contains 40 treats and each treat contains 1mg/1ml of CBD in hemp oil.  The recommended dosage is 1 cookie per 20lbs. of dog weight every 12 hours, or as needed. 

Ingredients: Canola oil, flax seed, garbonzo bean flour, peanut butter, potato flour, quinoa, sunflower oil, tapioca starch, whole dried eggs, CBD oil from hemp

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4oz Resealable Tub 

       $18.99 each

​Bark 4 Treats!

Let's start with a big disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian. If you have questions about your dog's health or what a reasonable dose of any health supplement is, please talk to your vet. I also encourage anyone who is exploring the health benefits of CBD oil to do their own research, use reliable and verified sources of information and, above all, know your own pet and their needs.  I have personally had positive results using  CBD oil, along with medication, to treat anxiety in my dog and to minimize epileptic seizures in my cat, so I feel confident in the safety of the CBD products I offer.

My own review of both the scientific research available and multiple anecdotal reports (including my own experiences) strongly suggests that CBD oil that has been extracted from hemp using a safe, chemical & solvent-free process (like CO2 extraction) and that is used at a therapeutic and  appropriate concentration for dogs is very safe and can be very effective in treating pain and anxiety in pets. 

Note that CBD oil and treats do not contain the chemical THC which is present in marijuana (a plant in the hemp family) and do not make your dog "high".  When choosing a CBD product for you or your pets, it is important to to know how the CBD was extracted from the hemp oil and what the potency of the final product is. As with most things, you pay for what you get - cheap CBD is often produced using solvents or petrochemicals in the extraction process and potency of the final product (not the ingredients) is not rigorously tested or 3rd party verified. 

According to the American Kennel Club, who is sponsoring a large-scale research study into the use of CBD use for dogs at the University of Colorado, initial findings support the conclusion that CBD is safe and effective for use by dog owners to treat pain and anxiety in dogs. They do report that side effects are minimal when CBD is used in low and moderate doses, but may include:

  • Dry mouth - CBD can decrease saliva production, leading to increased thirst
  • Lowered blood pressure - High doses of CBD have been known to temporarily cause a slight decrease in blood pressure
  • Drowsiness - CBD is often used to treat anxiety in pets. The calming effects of CBD can cause drowsiness, especially at high doses. 

Why Give Your Dog CBD Treats?