​Red Meats

& Catfish

​Holds 15 lbs.




Chicken, Turkey,

& Fish

​Beef, Pork, and Lamb

​Add extra taste and nutrition to your dog's dry food, or encourage an ill dog to eat by using  pre-packaged bone broth over the top of their kibble! 

Beef for

​Small Breeds


​Game Bird

Turkey &



​Zignature for Dogs

If you are looking for outstanding nutrition in a dog food that does not use chicken, chicken meal, or chicken fat as an ingredient in any of it's formulas - and therefore is very unlikely to ever be recalled for salmonella contamination, then Zignature formulas are a great choice!  It's also excellent for dogs that have a sensitivity to chicken products (like lots of retrievers do). 



​Red Meats


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​Lamb & Lentil

Chicken &

​Brown Rice

​Beef Frittata


​Note - the kibble size for Fromm 4 Star foods is relatively small. This makes it suitable for nearly all sized dogs.

Fromm foods are made in a relatively small, family owned and operated plant in Wisconsin using as many locally and regionally sourced ingredients as possible.  

​Large Breed

​Food Storage 

​Pork & Applesauce

Individual pouch of enhanced bone broth. Choose from 3 flavors.


​Bone Broth Food Topper



​Holds 40 lbs. 

​Fromm 4 Star Dog Foods

​Holds 25 lbs.

​Outstanding Food for Dogs​ 



Maintain the freshness and vitamin content of your pet's food (and keep out the bugs and rodents) by keeping it in an air-tight container. Vittles Vault makes the "gold standard" containers in lots of sizes - they even have an option to make your own air-tight container out of a utility bucket! 

​Orijen for Dogs


Boar, Turkey

​& Rabbit 

​Puppy Formula

Use with your own food-grade utility bucket!

​Six Fish

​Acana for Dogs


​Castor & Pollux for Small Breeds

A case of individual pre-portioned bone broth pouches ensures freshness.

​Choose from 4 flavors.

Bark 4 Treats!

Duck & 

​Sweet Potato

Beef & 

Sweet Potato

Trout &


After 30 years of researching pet foods and food ingredients, I can ramble on for (literally) hours about how terrible most pets food are and how everyone should do their own research, using reliable, science-based sources of information, before deciding what food to purchase because the absolute fact is  that good marketing does NOT equal good nutrition!  I realize, however, that there are so many commercially prepared foods available now that it is nearly impossible for most folks to adequately do their own research.  So, I've pulled together a list of links to the foods (in no particular order) that I have sold, can recommend, and that I would feel comfortable feeding to my own pet!  ​With these links, please always check the price per pound and the weight of the package in the listing. I have just included one weight in these links, but you can choose any package weight that is available. I believe all of these links include free shipping, even if the Prime logo does not show up on my button - but please check before ordering!