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Nuvet Tips and Tricks 

First of all, let me say that I am NOT a veterinarian. Everything on this page comes from my own research, discussions with the professionals at NuVet Laboratory, discussions with other professional breeders and groomers, experience with my own rescue dogs, and experience working with client's dogs over the course of ten plus years. If you ever have a situation where you feel the life of your pet is at stake, please call your veterinarian!  If you have questions about how best to use NuVet supplements to enhance your dog's health, please check out the helpful information on the NuVet Website and/or call them (they really are very nice and very helpful!) -- or email me ( and I will try to help get your questions answered!  

General Tips

Introduce your pet to NuVet as a super special treat that they earn, just like any other "high value" treat. This will keep their interest high in the treat and make vitamins a reward! 

Even though NuVet tablets are coated in liver to make them enticing to your dog, eventually most dogs will get tired of the taste and refuse to take them like a treat. There are several ways to handle this reluctance, but here are the top strategies I use when this happens: (1) Quit giving them the tablets for a couple of weeks. For a healthy dog this isn't a big issue and usually the dog will be happy to see this "treat" back when you re-introduce it.  (2) Break the tablet in half at the scored line and then "hide" the tablet halves in something that smells yummy. In my house this is usually a glob of peanut butter or a small piece of cheese. Dogs respond strongly to smell, so the stinkier the food them more appetizing they will find it. After a week or so of hiding the tablet in food, I return to using the tablets without the extra coating. (3) Hustle your dog. Take out two treats that you know your dog loves (or even two pieces of cheese, two small pieces of bacon, etc) and make sure your dog sees that you have three treats in your hand -- ​i.e. two treats and a vitamin. Use the tablet as the second treat -- usually your dog will be so focused on getting the third "high value" treat that he won't even notice what the second treat is. (4) You can always grind up the tablet with the back of a spoon and mix it in with his regular food. 

Please remember that NO supplement can make up for bad nutrition. All dogs require exercise, available fresh water, high quality nutrition, basic companion training, and love to thrive. Of all of these requirements, it seems that good food is often the most difficult for owners to supply. Please, please do your own research and feed your dog the best food that you can - it truly will have a huge impact on your dog's quality of life! Do not just take the word of a salesperson in a "big box" store (99.9% of them have no clue about pet nutrition and just repeat whatever the latest sales rep said at the morning meeting). Good marketing is no substitute for good nutrition! I recommend that all of my clients and customers go to   to start their research and sign up to receive email notices of pet food and treat recalls. 

Nuvet for Puppies

  •  Many, maybe most, top end breeders will start their puppies on NuVet vitamins as soon as possible to help them build a strong immune system that will help them with the stressful transition to your home. If your breeder recommends that you continue using NuVet when your puppy comes home, it truly IS a worthwhile investment in your dog's lifetime health! If your breeder does not recommend NuVet, please consider adding it to your dog's health routine - good nutrition can add years of healthy life to your new best friend!
  • I believe that some breeders try to introduce NuVet to their puppies much too early - even going to the lengths of blowing powdered vitamins down a straw, through a young puppy's nose, to ensure that they get their vitamins. I feel very strongly that a puppy that is born healthy should not be given supplements until it is weaned.
  • Young puppies that cannot chew the tablets up can be given either the powdered form of the vitamins mixed with their food or added into a soft treat. If you have tablets but no powder, you can easily grind up a tablet (or half a tablet) in a mortar and pestle or with the back of a stout spoon and a little muscle power. 
  • Please use the dosage recommended for the weight the puppy IS NOW, not the weight it WILL BE when fully grown. You can adjust the dosage appropriately as your puppy gains weight and matures. 

Tips and Tricks Continued