NuVet Supplements for Cats

Bark 4 Treats!

‚ÄčAbout a year and a half ago a starved, shaking, half-dead cat squirmed it's way into our kitchen on a cold, sleeting night and we didn't have the heart to through him out again. Our doggo immediately tried to give the skeletal mess one of her treats - so we knew that the cat was going to be a permanent resident. Because, you know, whatever the dog wants she gets! 

I had never had a cat before, but luckily my husband had had dealings with them and knew the basics. He made a quick trip out into the night to gather supplies while I wrapped the ball of wet fur up in a towel and tried to warm him up.  We took trip to the vet the next day for shots and an exam and were assured that he was perfectly fine and just needed to put some weight on. Unfortunately, things seemed to be more complicated than that. Within a week he had quit eating, was having seizures, and we truly felt that he was dying. 

To make a long story as short as possible -- I knew that he had to start eating and I also felt very strongly that he needed the immune system support that NuVet could give him. I wish I could tell you that these two basic sounding things were easy to fix, but they weren't. Getting the NuVet vitamins into him was a challenge that I have never faced with dogs, but  through enough trial and error I found a way that I could get the food and vitamins into him that he so desperately needed. If you are wondering how, I eventually found a shredded meat cat food in gravy that I could stir the powdered supplement into and that he would let me hand feed him.  I do not want to sound melodramatic, but I truly believe that NuVet saved our cat's life.  Within 24 hours (3 doses of NuVet) he could stand and walk again. With 5 doses he had an appetite back and was eating both dry food and the doctored dose of shredded wet food. Within one week he was eating normally, grooming himself, playing with toys and pestering the dog. He has had some health challenges since then, but he has bounced back quickly because, I believe, his immune system and digestive system are supported by high quality food and NuVet vitamins and supplements. 

If you think that your cat could benefit from NuVet, please check out the video from their website: Nuvet for Cats. As always you can use my dealer code to order directly from the manufacturer's website for the best price available. The folks at NuVet can also help with any dosing questions that you have, or you can email me for more tips. 

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