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I think I've tried just about every dog vitamin supplement available in my 30 plus years of owning dogs, and I have to admit that I've found most of them to be nearly worthless. They don't do what they say they will, there is no guarantee, and usually my dogs wouldn't voluntarily eat them (which kind of defeats the purpose). About 10 years ago, I discovered NuVet Vitamins and I have been recommending it to my clients and customers ever since. There is no fancy song and dance and cagey advertising -- the stuff actually works. And if it doesn't, they give you your money back. I honestly believe that this is the best vitamin supplement available on the pet market because I have personally seen the dramatic difference it has made in the health of my own dogs! Their new double strength joint supplement has also been getting rave reviews from my customers, and I've recently started my dog on it to help prevent joint pain and damage as she gets older. Our family recently was adopted by a stray cat (!!) and so I've started him on NuVet as well. Click HERE to read about our journey with him and to find out about NuVet for cats. 

 NuVet Vitamins and supplements are only available through animal professionals, but I don't want my clients and customers to be deterred because they have to pay the retail markup that vets and groomers will need to add to the products. YOU can order any NuVet product directly from the manufacturer (and avoid retail markup) by shopping on their website and using my professional order code.  You can also click HERE to read my professional tips and tricks page and you can email me any time with questions about my experiences using NuVet products.

So, go to the NuVet website and read about all of the amazing products they offer. When you are ready to order, use order code 
96878 to register and receive the lowest price available. If you've got questions about how their products can help with specific problems you pet is having, call them at

 800-474-7044 ; they are always knowledgeable and helpful.

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order code: 96878


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