I'm sure that it is obvious from the links on virtually every page of this website that we want our customers to order NuVet Plus and NuJoint products directly from the manufacturer, NuVet Labs, and use our order number 96878. The reason that we encourage folks to order directly is because they will receive the best price available on the products (without retail mark up), the shipping will be direct and fairly quick, and NuVet labs will honor their 60 day, 100% money back guarantee. And when you use our order number we receive a commission for the sale. Seems pretty straightforward, right?

Let me be clear on this next point: if you have a local groomer or breeder that has talked to you about the benefits of NuVet and given you their order number to use in purchasing directly from NuVet, we encourage you to support your local business.  Be aware, however, that the owner of the order number you use will have access to your contact information and order historyBark4Treats will never, under any circumstances, contact you, sell your contact information, or use/track your order history in any way. We are available to you via email (sklee7213@gmail.com) to answer questions or help with problems, but we will never make unsolicited contact with you.  

I say all this because it has come to my attention that folks who like the way we do business and who choose to use our order code on NuVet's website have often been called/emailed by a representative of NuVet Labs and been pressured into changing the order code used on their purchase to a dealer near their geographical location or to a breeder who has requested that the order number be changed. If you are one of our many customers or private clients, if this website has been useful to you, if you found out about NuVet through our website, our FaceBook ad, a search engine, or from hearing us speak at an event, or if you just appreciate our iron-clad respect for your personal privacy & information, simply tell the NuVet Labs representative that you prefer to use the Bark4Treats order number, 96878.  

​Notes about ordering directly from NuVet Labs

Thank you for supporting our family business!