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Senior Dogs on NuVet

  • The time to start your dog on a joint supplement is before you start noticing that they are in pain. I know this isn't always possible, but if you can prevent joints from becoming stiff and painful you will, obviously, allow your dog to lead a more active life into his senior years. I recommend that small breeds begin taking the NuVet Joint supplement around age 8 or 9. Large breeds should be started around 6 years old. 
  • If your dog is already exhibiting the signs of painful joints, choose the Double Strength Joint supplement rather than the regular strength formula. 
  • YES, you can supplement your dog with both the NuVet Plus vitamin formula and the NuVet Joint support at the same time. If you are going to use both supplements, do not double the dosage of either one when you begin. It also seems to work best to split the dosage up during the day - ie give the vitamin supplement in the morning and the joint supplement in the evening. This helps prevent an upset stomach in the event they do not immediately eat their meal after taking the tablets. 

​NuVet for Rescues

  • I recommend that rescues (both dogs and cats) be started with a double dose of NuVet for the first two weeks in order to give their immune system a "jump start". After two weeks, you can cut back to the dosage recommended for their weight. 
  • If a rescued animal is being slowly adapted to eating regular food or arrives too ill or frightened to take the tablets, mix the powdered vitamin (or crushed tablets) into meat baby food or peanut butter to feed. Again, I recommend doubling the recommended dose for two weeks, but animals with digestive issues and/or a high parasite load may not tolerate a double dose at first. Ease them into it if necessary.
  • Heartworm positive dogs need as much immune support as possible! If their therapy lasts longer than two weeks, you may choose to extend the time that you double the regular dose of NuVet. 
  • The best thing you can do immediately to help a rescue animal's immune system is to make sure it is given a good bath and that all ticks and fleas have been removed from their body. Be sure to clean their ears well (NuVet makes an excellent ear cleaning solution) and clip and check their nails and paw pads for signs of infection.