​First of all, let me say that I am NOT a veterinarian. Everything on this page comes from my own research, discussions with professionals at NuVet Laboratory, discussions with other professional breeders and groomers, experience with my own rescue dogs, and experience working with client's dogs over the course of 20+ years. If you ever have a situation where you feel the life of your pet is at stake, please call your veterinarian immediately! If you have questions about how best to use NuVet supplements to enhance your dog's health, please check out the helpful information on the NuVet website and/or call them at 800-474-7044 (they really are nice and helpful!) -- or email me (skudlaty@yahoo.com) and I will do my best to get your questions answered! Please click here for more information about ordering directly from NuVet Labs.

General Tips

Introduce your pet to NuVet as a special treat that they earn during their daily training, just like any other "high value" treat. This will keep them interested and make taking their vitamins a reward! For some dogs, I keep vitamin halves in my training treat pouch with the liver bites so they are smelly and yummy! 

Even though NuVet tablets are coated in liver to make them enticing to your dog, eventually most dogs will get tired of the taste and refuse to take them like a treat. There are several ways to handle this reluctance, but here are the top strategies I use when this happens: (1) Quit giving them the tablets for a couple of weeks. For a healthy dog this isn't an issue and usually the dog will be happy to see his "treat" back when you re-introduce it.  (2) Break the tablet in half at the scored line and then "hide" the tablet halves in something that your doggo thinks is yummy. In my house this is usually a glob of peanut butter or a small piece of cheese. Dogs respond strongly to smell, so the stinkier the food/treat, the more appetizing they will find it! After a week or so of hiding the tablet in food, I return to using the tablets without the extra coating.  (3) Hustle your dog. Take out the vitamin and two treats that you know your dog loves (or even two pieces of cheese, two small pieces of bacon, etc.) and make sure your dog sees that you have three treats in your hand. Use the vitamin as the second treat -- usually your dog will be so focused on getting the third "high value" treat that he won't even notice what the second treat is! This works with heartworm pills, too!  

(4) If all else fails, you can grind up the tablet with the back of a spoon (or use the powdered vitamins) and mix it in with his regular food. 

Please remember that NO supplement can make up for poor nutrition.  All dogs require daily exercise, available fresh water, high quality nutrition, basic companion obedience training, and love to thrive. Of all of these requirements, it seems that good food is often the most difficult for owners to supply. Please, please do your own research, using reputable sources of information  and feed your dog the best food you can - it truly will have a huge impact on your dog's quality of life! Do not just take the word of the salesperson in a "big box" store (99.9% of them have no clue about pet nutrition & just repeat whatever the latest sales rep said at that day's morning meeting) and please do not assume nice packaging equates to good quality food. Good marketing is no substitute for good nutrition! I also recommend that everyone go to www.dogfoodadvisor.com to start their research and sign up to receive email notices of pet food and treat recalls. 

NuVet For Rescues

  • I recommend that rescues (both dogs and cats) be started with a double dose of NuVet Plus for the first two weeks home in order to give their immune system a "jump start". After two weeks you can cut back to the dosage recommended for their weight. 

  • If a rescued animal is being slowly adapted to eating regular food or arrives too ill to take the tablets, mix the powdered vitamins (or crushed tablets) into meat baby food or peanut butter to feed. Again, I recommend doubling the dose for two weeks, but animals with digestive issues and/or a high parasite load may not tolerate a double dose immediately. Ease them into it, if necessary.

  • Heartworm positive dogs need as much immune support as possible! If their therapy lasts longer than two weeks, you may choose to extend the time that you double the regular dose of NuVet Plus. These vitamins are water soluble, so you do not need to worry about overdosing.

  • ​The best thing you can do immediately to help a recued animal's immune system adapt is to make sure it is given a good bath and that all ticks and fleas have been removed from their body. Be sure to clean their ears well (NuVet also makes an excellent ear cleaning solution), clip their nails and check their paw pads for signs of injury or infection.

Senior Dogs on NuVet

  • The time to start your dog on a joint supplement is before you start noticing that they are in pain. I know this isn't always possible, but if you can prevent joints from becoming stiff and painful you will, obviously, allow your dog to lead a more active life into his senior years. I recommend that small breeds begin taking NuVet Joint supplement by around age 8 or 9. Large breeds should be started around 6 years old.

  • If your dog is already exhibiting the signs of painful joints, choose the Double Strength (DS) Joint supplement, rather than the regular strength formula. 

  • YES, you can supplement your dog with both the NuVet Plus vitamin formula and the NuVet Joint support at the same time. If you are going to use both supplements, do not double the dosage of either one. It also seems to work best to split the tablets up during the day - ie give the vitamin supplement in the morning and the joint supplement in the evening. This helps prevent an upset stomach in the event they do not immediately eat their meal after taking the tablets. 

NuVet For Puppies

  • Please use the dosage recommended for the weight your puppy is NOW, not the weight it WILL BE when fully grown. You can adjust the dosage appropriately as your furry bundle of joy gains weight and matures.

  • Puppies that cannot chew the tablets can be given the powdered form of NuVet Plus mixed in their food or in a soft treat. If you have tablets but no powder, you can grind up a tablet (or half a tablet) with the back of a spoon or with a mortar & pestle. 

  • Large breed puppies that are growing quickly can benefit from adding the NuVet joint supplement (regular strength, dosed for the weight they are now) to their routine. This will help them build stronger bones and joints!

  • I believe that some breeders try to introduce NuVet to their puppies much too early - sometimes even blowing the powder through a straw into their noses to be sure they get their vitamins. I feel very strongly that a puppy that is born healthy should not be given supplements until it is fully weaned. Even puppies that cannot nurse (rescues without mommas, etc.) don't need to be supplemented until they are eating solid food exclusively. 

  • ​Many top-end breeders will start their puppies on NuVet Plus as soon as possible to help them build a strong immune system that will support them with the stressful transition to your home. If your breeder recommends that you continue using NuVet Plus when your puppy comes home, it truly IS a worthwhile investment in your dog's lifetime health! I have lots of strong feelings about "puppy contracts", disreputable breeders, and other shady practices that aren't appropriate to discuss here, but I would caution folks who want to buy a puppy to please research breeders carefully before you make a commitment.  Any dog breed you can think of has a rescue organization that will be delighted to help you find the perfect fit for your family, will educate you about the best way to care for your favorite breed, and will support you on your journey with your new dog. Please consider adoption first!! 

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