I think that I have tried just about every dog vitamin and supplement available in my 40 plus years of owning dogs, and I have to admit that I've found most of them to be nearly worthless. They don't do what they say they will, the ingredients look a bit suspicious to me, they don't offer a guarantee, and usually my dogs won't voluntarily eat them (which kind of defeats the purpose). About 18 years ago I discovered NuVet Plus and I have been recommending it to my clients and customers ever since. There is no slick marketing and cagey advertising with NuVet - the stuff actually works.  I honestly believe that this is the best pet multi-vitamin on the market because I have personally seen the dramatic difference it has made in the health of my own pets! Among the many things I appreciate about NuVet is that they use human-grade ingredients in all their supplements, they are cold processed to retain the stability of the vitamins, and maybe most importantly, all NuVet products are made exclusively in the USA in a FDA registered facility following GMP standards. You can click HERE to see the complete list of ingredients in the NuVet Plus multivitamin.

NuVet products are only available through animal professionals, but I don't want my clients and customers to be deterred because they have to pay the retail markup that vets and groomers need to add to the products they carry. YOU can order any NuVet product directly from the manufacturer and get the best price available by shopping on their website and using my professional order code. You can click over to my Professional Tips & Tricks pages forDOGS or for CATSto learn more - you can also email me any time with questions about my experiences using NuVet products. 

So, go to NuVet.com and read about all of the amazing products they offer. When you are ready to order, use order code 96878 to register and receive the best price available (and clickhere to learn about ordering directly from NuVet Labs). If you've got questions about how their products can help with specific problems your pet is having, call NuVet at 800-474-7044; they are always knowledgeable and helpful! 

Use order code 96878 for the best available pricing!

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​NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplement